Higres is a graph drawing system for hierarchically clustered graphs. Such graphs can be obtained from classical ones by recursive clustering of graph vertices into hierarchically nested fragments. They are used to represent various types of complex objects that are encountered in computer science and other application domains. See also the Introduction section.

Higres is not only a graph editor. It is also a platform for animation of various kinds of graph algorithms: from graph drawing methods, that deal only with visual representation of a graph, to complex semantic processing of graph models. The system is extendible with new modules of two different types.

Since version 3.0 Higres is a 32 bit application intended to run under Windows 95 and Windows NT. We believe that Higres is one of the best graph drawing systems designed for Microsoft Windows. See the Overview section for Higres main advantages and the Features section for the full list of its features.

Ivan Lisitsyn

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