Confluent NCE graph grammar

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Confluent NCE graph grammarконфлуентная графовая грамматика типа NCE.

An NCE graph grammar \mathcal {G} is confluent (C-NCE) if for every graph \,G derivable (see Derivation) from the axiom of \mathcal {G}, all nonterminal nodes \,u, v in \,G, and all productions \,(\phi(u),H,D), \; (\phi(v),J,F) in {\mathcal G} we have:

\,G[u/_{D} H][v/_{F} J] = G[v/_{F} J][u/_{D} H].

In the confluent graph grammar, the order in which the productions are applied is irrelevant for the resulting graph.


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