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Concepts Path Graph (CPG)граф путей концептов

Concepts Path Graph (CPG) is a directed acyclic graph that represents a set of sequencing rules which determine the sequence of concepts.

Concepts Path Graph represents the structure of the concepts of the Domain Concept Ontology that matches the learning goal in hand. The concepts contained in the CPG are selected based on the connection between the Learning Goals Hierarchy and the Domain Concept Ontology. The structure of the CPG is directly inherited by the structure of the Domain Concept Ontology. CPG is a simple directed graph, that is, a directed graph having no multiple nodes. This means that each concept is contained only once in the CPG. Additionally, CPG is an acyclic directed graph, that is, a directed graph containing no directed cycles. This means that in every possible concept sequence represented by the CPG, each concept has a unique existence.



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