(p,q)-Graceful signed graph

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(p,q)-Graceful signed graph --- (p,q)-грациозный знаковый граф.

Let S = (G,s) be a sigraph and s be a function which assigns a positive or a negative sign to each edge of G. Let the sets E^{+} and E^{-} consist of m positive and n negative edges of G, respectively, where m+n = q. Given positive integers k and d, S said to be (k,d)-graceful if the vertices of G can be labeled with distinct integers from the set \{0, 1, \ldots,
k+(q-1)d\} such that, when each edge uv of G is assigned the product of its sign and the absolute difference of the integers assigned to u and v, the edges in E^{+} and E^{-} are labeled with k, k+d, k+2d, \ldots, k+(m-1)d and -k, -(k+d), -(k+2d), \ldots,
-(k+(n-1)d), respectively.