Why Higres?

Well, you may ask, what means "Higres"?

The reasons for this title are historical. In the middle of 1996 I started to develop an editor for some special kind of graphs, which we called hierarchical graphs. In that times "HIGRES" was the abbreviation of "HIerarchical GRaph Edit System". It was the name of the editor.

Later we decided that it is better to call such graphs "hierarchically clustered" instead of "hierarchical". The system then was extended with many new features, including graph drawing methods and algorithms animation. Now it is much more than just a graph editor, so the abbreviation seems to be obsolete. Nevertheless, I used to use this name, so I decided to leave it as the system's title, but not to write it in capitals like abbreviation. So I did. That's all story.

Ivan Lisitsyn