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Connected to relation --- отношение связности к, (достижимость) в гиперграфе.

The relation connected to, which is denoted by the symbol \succ, is defined for a given subset R of nodes and a node y; we say that R is connected to y and write R \succ y if and only if a directed hyperpath exsists in a hypergraph from R to the node y.

It is easy to check that the relation \succ satisfies the following set of connectivity axioms:

(1) y \in R \subseteq V \Rightarrow R \succ y (reflexivity);

(2) R \succ y\mbox{ and } Z \subseteq V \Rightarrow (R \cup Z)
\succ y (augmentation);

(3) R \succ y, \; \forall y \in Y,\mbox{ and }Y \succ z \Rightarrow
R \succ z (transitivity).