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Fragment --- фрагмент.

A subgraph of a control flow graph G is called a fragment.

A fragment A is a subfragment of B, if A\subseteq B; it is a proper subfragment if A\neq B.

A node p of a fragment A is called initial (respectively, output or exit) if either p is the initial node of G (respectively, p is the terminal node of G) or an arc of G not belonging to A enters p ( respectively, leaves P).

A node p of a fragment A is called its entry if there is a part from the initial node of G to p that includes no arcs of the fragment A. p is called a terminal node of a fragment A if p does not belong to A and is a successor of a node of A.

A node p of a fragment A other than the initial and terminal nodes of G is called a boundary of A if p is the initial or output node of A.

Let p be a boundary node of a fragment A. It is called starting of A if A contains no predecessors of p or all successors of p. It is called finishingof A if A contains all predecessors of p or no successors of p.